Zygmunt Stelmach POLAND

Grooming, handling and kynology was present in life of Zygmunt from 1984. He breed Golden Retrivers, Wire Foxteriers and American Cocker Spaniels under „z Zagłębia” prefix. Dogs „z Zagłąbia” groomed and showed by Zygmunt got many interantional titles.

Talented groomer of all breeds, multiple winner and nominated many times on International Grooming Contests. Zygmunt got II place in Oster European Invitational Tournament of Champions 2015, BIS winner in Master Grooming Show - Poland, Pragobest - Hungary, Milanogroom -  Italy and Groomnia -  Belgium. Founder of first mobile grooming salon in Poland and very sucessful online grooming portal with interactive semminaes Zygmunt stelmach is also founder and CEO of Stelmach Grooming Academy in Częstochowa.


Jakub Kruczek POLAND

Outstanding groomer mostly known from poodle haircut. His grooming experience started in 1994 when he owned his first poodle – named Sara. From those days his life is dedicated to dogs. However the bigest love was and still are poodles. More than 19 years of dog grooming experience in a high volume environment including styling dogs for prestigious Europian Dog Shows.

FCI judge, grooming techniques teacher  and semminar leader. Master groomer consultant in Botaniqa Dog Grooming Solution Company highly involved in products creation. His experience and knowledge is well know accrose Europe. Excelent handler – double junior world winner and double world winner with his beloved standard poodles, mulit BIS and BOG winner.

Judyta Rzemieniec  POLAND

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Małgorzata Otto Doppenberg POLAND

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Santi Sarria SPAIN 

Dog groomer since July 2013, and founder of Samoa - canine hairdresser since November 2014.
2013- Valence international championship bronze begginer class
2014 - Valence international championship - open class scissors gold medal and Best In Show absolute class.
2015 - Ciseaux d or - gold medal in open class stripping
2015 - Valencia International Championship  - Poodle open class silver medal
2016 - Spain Championship in Valladolid - scissors silver medal in champion class
Special Peluqueria Championship Club monographic spaniel- bronze in the absolute BIS
2016 - Calella European Championship - bronze medal scissors champion class

In the world of dog show I am putting poodles, cocker spaniel and griffon Brusellas.


Petra Wagenknecht SWEDEN

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